Medical Bag for Kidz


Medical Bag for Kidz
Medical Bag for Kidz



Paging Dr. Mom, Paging Dr. Dad

           Your State-Of-The-Art First-Aid Kit Is Here

The medibag first aid kit is the kid friendly approach to first aid. Doctor recommended and highly awarded in the juvenile industry. The medibag is exclusively manufactured in the USA, mom invented, and each purchase gives back to people in need! The unique Dr's bag design and the carefully chosen contents, make this product, "not your ordinary box of bandages." The medibag is great for home, sports, auto, travel and more. It makes an amazing, thoughtful gift for any occasion and the personalization on the front allows the children to put their name on it, and "call it their own." The medibag is recommended for ages 6 months and up with adult supervision.

All products inside are LATEX free!

The medibag includes 117 quality safety items and includes a FREE mail in offer for a 45 item refill kit. With your purchase, you will receive (5) Neon Bandages, (1) Gauze Roll, (1) Hypoallergenic First Aid Tape,(4) 2 X 2 Gauze Pads, (2) Knee & Elbow Bandages, (4) 3 X 3 Gauze Pads, (10) junior bandages, (2) Anti-Itch Ointments, (2) Antibiotic Ointments(2) Antiseptic Hand Gels, (15) Antiseptic Wipes, (1) Burn Gel, (8) Red Crayon Bandages, (8) Yellow Crayon Bandages, (8) Blue Crayon Bandages, (1) Kid Friendly Organized Dr.'s bag, (1) Eye Wash, (1) First Aid Guide, (1) Instant Cold Pack, (2) Nitrile (latex & powder free) Blue Exam Gloves, (1) One time use thermometer, (1) Blue Kid Friendly Plastic Tweezers, (10) Application swabs, (20) smiley faced stickers, (2) Safety Pins, (2) Sting Pads, (1) Bright Colored Emergency sticker, (1) FREE mail in offer for 45 item refill kit.

FREE Refill Kit Includes: (2) Knee and Elbow bandages, (2) Antibiotic
Ointments, (5) Antiseptic wipes, (1) Burn Gel, (10) Red Crayon Bandages, (10) Yellow Crayon Bandages, (10) Blue Crayon Bandages, (4) Smiley faced stickers, (1) Sting Pad.

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